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Watch and Pray

A Note from Mary Margaret West: Rebecca is spot on in this post today. Don’t miss out on what is a crucial part of your ministry!

The role of a watchman in the Bible is both physical and spiritual. In the Old Testament, a watchman would stand on the wall or tower surrounding a city and alert those inside as to what was coming; news from a friendly messenger or an impending threat. In 2 Samuel 18 the watchman alerts King David to a runner who is bringing news of battle and his son, Absalom. The prophets of God were also called watchmen. They kept watch over the spiritual souls of God’s people; urging them to live faithfully and warning them of judgement and destruction. Ezekiel 33:7, “Now, son of man, I am making you a watchman for the people of Israel. Therefore, listen to what I say and warn them for me.” Our Bible is full of their watching and warning. In the New Testament, Mark 14:38, we see Jesus urging all of us to ‘…watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.’ We know that the enemy is approaching to threaten the church and the work of God in his people.

I am so thankful God called us to watch over the young women in our church. One of my favorite parts of girls’ ministry was planning events. My creative juices were on high alert and I was always eager to find teachable illustrations. I would spend hours pouring over themes, materials, decorations, activities, the program and relating scripture to their life. What important thing did I fail to spend time on? Prayer. I am embarrassed to admit that I often times put prayer last on my preparation list and only engaged it in the immediate moments before the event began. Let me challenge you to change your order of alertness!

One of the most important parts of ministering to God’s people is prayer. It is the watchtower for all that will happen before the event, during the event and after the event. I have found that there are amazing women of God who are spiritually gifted to pray as watchmen. Recruit a team that will literally pray for every aspect of what you are doing. Ask them to pray for your leaders and volunteers by name, the girls attending by name, the word that is spoken and for receptive hearts, a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the change only he can bring. Our enemy is marching toward us with threats of destruction. He wants nothing more than to make your event a night of frivolous fun without biblical truth or life change. He wants to tempt and distract you and your leaders so that your mind and heart are weary and beaten. 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Build your wall with praying “watch women” who will stand in ready position. I believe you will see physical and spiritual protection!

Rebecca Bradford is a mom of three who happily just sent her youngest off to kindergarten and skipped all the way home. She served for over 20 years in SAGE Ministries and as the Director of Girls Ministry at Lake Pointe Church for 15 years. Currently, Rebecca is called Queen of her own home, and teaches and volunteers in Girlz 4 God, Gather Moms, and discipling 4th grade girls. She loves encouraging girls and moms with transparent truth that helps them understand God’s grace and feel connected with others experiencing similar struggles. Her easy going spirit makes her a joy to be around and she is never short of laughs. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for 18 years and loves doing ministry together in their hometown of Rockwall, Texas.

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