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Summer Activities Your Girls Will Absolutely Love

Aren’t summers just so much fun!? Some of my favorite parts of summer are that the days run together, you forget what time it is, and so many fun memories outdoors! If we aren’t careful, there is so much time during this season that we can let get away from us.

Today I want to share four ideas to help make your girls summer fun, active, and absolutely unforgettable (that are also covid friendly)!

1. Start an Online Business

I have a friend who was a gifted artist, and as a high schooler, started her first business. She would buy white plates and mugs and paint them, then sell them online. It didn’t make a lot of money, but this first experience led her to start her own photography business in college, which now is a multi-million dollar business!The skills learned for a teenager in this endeavor are irreplaceable, and it’s also super fun for girls to use their interests and realize they are capable of something entrepreneurial! Teenagers are incredibly talented using online platforms so they are already comfortable with how things work, and using their social media to market!Teen girls are also full of creativity and ideas especially geared towards crafty things—hello Pinterest! The hardest part will be narrowing down what they want to sell! It could be selling something artsy, perhaps they prefer creating organic products like candles, lotions, and soaps. Maybe they have a skill at writing—why not write a book and self-publish? Maybe baking? Playing to their strengths, they can use something they love and try selling it online to just see how it goes. In the end they get to experience how business works, marketing, success and failure, learning to use their talents to create something valuable, and all while doing something they LOVE!

2. Have a Social Impact

This is a simple and fun activity girls will love to be a part of! This generation wants to have a social impact. They want to make a difference in the world, and it doesn’t have to be hard for them to do it! One of the easiest ways is to have a group of girls go through their things and purge what they don’t use or want any longer. Then they can either sell them on social media or do a group yard sale where all the proceeds go to a cause they believe in. The best part of all of this is the discussion you get to have with them to learn what issues they are passionate about and how to choose an organization working in that field to donate all the proceeds to! Some great charities include: Sumaritan’s Purse (helping those in poverty), Charity Water (safe water), Beauty For Ashes Africa or IJM (human trafficking), and your local homeless shelter or food bank.

3. Create a Drive-In Movie

Who doesn’t love a drive-in movie?! In this season of Covid and social distancing, community is more than wanted, it is so needed for our teens. They thrive on authentic social interactions which have been significantly lacking as of late. How can we create scenarios that meet this need, and still encourage safety? A drive-in movie is perfect! The nature of a drive-in means everyone stays separate in their cars, which is automatic social distancing. It is a nostalgic experience, under the stars, and makes everyone feel like they’re going back in time. You can do this DIY, it doesn’t have to be at an official drive-in theater. You need 5 main things:

  • A good projector

  • A white sheet tied up flat

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • A good and age-appropriate movie

  • A space large enough for cars to drive onto (a church parking lot works great!)

If you decided to sell tickets to the drive-in you could do a 2-for-1 and donate the proceeds to a charity!

4. Take A Lesson

Summer is the perfect time to try something new. So often we procrastinate to get lessons for something because we feel like lessons have the implication that we must become proficient or excellent at the skill. That is not true! Half the fun is just experiencing something new! You and your girls could choose to do the same thing or each choose your own thing and talk about it. For example, any girls going on a beach vacation could take a surf or kite-boarding lesson. There are endless options, some might be: piano lessons, singing, guitar, dance, pottery, art, tennis, golf, water-skiing, horseback riding, etc! Since recent events with Covid, a lot of lessons have moved online and can be accessed from anywhere! This can be such rich conversation starters! You and your girls might just discover you have new things in common—to struggle with, or that you are good at, or possibly terrible at!We don’t want to miss this opportunity to use summertime wisely and to be intentional to create meaning and purpose doing something fun!

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Chrissy Duke is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who loves to share what God is speaking to me with other young girls and women! She is also a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful girls. Chrissy has a calling to help the marginalized be recognized, heard, and helped. She does this primarily through an organization called Beauty For Ashes Africa. They work to combat human trafficking in North Africa, where they have a transition home for at-risk girls! Chrissy loves a good cup of coffee in the morning, getting outside in nature, and being with family. Connect with Chrissy: Instagram // Website