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Bible Study, Girls Ministry Basics

Starting a New Bible Study

The new year brings great opportunity to begin a Bible study with girls. If you’ve felt the tug to get started, we want to help you every step of the way! Starting a new group can feel intimidating. Start with these five steps and let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

Seek God’s Wisdom

So you feel led to start a girls’ Bible study… don’t forget to pray about it! Sometimes this is the most neglected step. Are there other women who could come alongside you as you seek to minister to girls? And what girls will be part of your study? Ask God for His wisdom as you begin this process.

Clarify your vision

A vision will focus your discipleship efforts. Will this be a one-off study? Something that connects girls to student ministry at large?

Identify your target

  • Who will be part of this group?

  • Will the study content be appropriate for middle and high school girls?

  • Are you looking to connect girls who are unconnected or take connected girls deeper?

Develop a strategy

  • How does the study connect girls to the larger church body? Mentors? Peers?

  • Is there someone else who is successfully leading teen girls? What can you learn from them?

Choose your approach

  • How often will you meet? Where will you meet?

  • How long will the study last and what content will you use?

  • What happens to the group when you finish the study?

Lifeway Girls Recommends:

For new believers or unconnected girls: Seamless, Angie Smith

For high school girls: City of Lions, Amy Byrd

For middle school girls: Rachel & Leah, Nikki Koziarz

A study on purity: Authentic Love, Amy-Jo Girardier

Find these and TONS of other great Bible study options for teen girls on