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Show Them Jesus

Is God real? How can you believe the Bible is true? These are big questions, and, as leaders and students, we can feel unequipped to answer. As a leader in the student ministry at my church, students often ask me, “How do I defend my faith to my friends? How do I explain why I believe the things I believe?” Sometimes, they even ask me “how do you know what you believe is true?”

“…be ready in season and out of season; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching.”—2 Timothy 4:2

Not everyone needs to hear some big theological explanation to believe in the gospel. Historical proof and eyewitness accounts are abundant, but what most people want to know is why YOU believe the things you do. That’s where the simple act of living out the gospel comes in.

For me personally, I didn’t come to believe in Jesus because someone proved to me the deity of Jesus through archaeological discoveries or their impressive mastery of Scripture.  No, I learned that Jesus was really God because believers consistently showed me God’s love and ultimately shared the gospel with me.

They explained to me that while we were still sinners separated from God and without hope, Jesus chose to give His life as a perfect sacrifice for us. Dying once and for all, He resurrected and ascended to heaven in glory. Now reigning over all, He’s inviting us into a personal relationship with our heavenly Father. 

You don’t have to be a theologian to explain the gospel. In fact, Jesus has not called us to be theologians, but to simply love Him and to share His love with those around us. And as we teach our girls about what it means to show Jesus, we cannot forget that we set the example of what this looks like. It’s through the teaching of the Bible, through our example and our testimony, and by showing up week-in and week-out.

We must share the gospel with our girls and we must show them Jesus. It’s not complicated, but it is necessary. Because the example of what Christ does in you and through you may be just the thing that defends your faith.


Abby Underwood As a self-described introvert, Abby Underwood has struggled with social anxieties her whole life. Realizing her value in Christ, she overcame the challenges of loneliness, she is now fueled by her passion to help girls find their identity in Christ. Abby works as a member of the social media team and student ministry at Life.Church Hendersonville. Connect with Abby: Instagram // Website