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Monday Mentions

Happy fall and merry Monday! Here are a few things to check out for the start of the season!

For students, parents, and workers alike, this time can be very busy and stressful. In this podcast, Summer White and her co-host Joy talk about how to combat stress and find contentment in Christ!

Fall is a great time to break out the warmer dinners as the weather cools down. If you’re looking for something new to try and a good soup, this pin has the perfect recipe!

Fall means the beginning of the season of front porch decorating! This blog has some great starter ideas which could last on your front porch for the entire season.

October is coming up fast. If you’re looking to dive a little deeper into the history of Christianity and the people who heavily influenced it, check out “Here We Stand,” a 31-day study from Desiring God about the heroes of the Reformation.