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Monday Mentions

TRUST | The school year is a busy time for girls! (And us leaders, too!) Is Busyness Really the Problem? shares a good reminder to slow down andgive it all to God. It tells us that we can rest in God’s love and give Him all of our anxieties!

YUM! | If you’re looking for a great fall small group or retreat snack-tivity, (see what I did there?!) check out this awesome candy apple bar!

Grow | It’s easy to get caught up in the frustrations of life and settle into negativity. Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson shares her personal experience with overcoming negativity. “Am I perfect at this? Nope, but I know what negativity does to me and to the ones I love the most. So, when I see it in my life, I work to stop it right in it’s tracks.”

Be Authentic | 97 % of women have struggled with negative body image issues. We love this post, I Woke Up Like This, by Sadie Robertson. It’s a great one to share with your girls. “I allowed all of my ugly thoughts and insecurities to manifest a spirit of fear, jealousy and deception, and it stopped me from seeing the world around me clearly. … The day I prayed for the Lord to enlighten my eyes to see His standard of beauty, is the day my whole life changed.”

GET CRAFTY! | Bath bombs are all the rage right now! Your girls will love putting together these simple essential oil bath bombs at your next retreat, outreach event, or fun gathering!