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Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter

I am a planner. I need the time to brainstorm and dream, tomake a list or a spreadsheet (or two), and get all my ducks in a row. I believein doing things with excellence—well thought out, well planned, well executed.But, the longer I’m around girls ministry and student ministry, the more I’mseeing that sometimes the most unplanned, thrown together activities bringabout the most meaningful and memorable moments. Have you ever had thisexperience? It’s like we just need to get out of our own way sometimes and letthings happen as God has ordained them.

A couple years ago the girls of our student ministry wantedto have a “Friendsgiving”. (If you’re not familiar, Friendsgiving is arelatively new “holiday” where you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends.Leave it to our teenage girls to make it an actual thing.) So I quickly made ameal sign-up, I called on my best leaders to help me out, and I threw togethersome random activities. Before we knew it we had more girls than we knew whatto do with.

We feasted like queens—seriously, we had more food than I’veever seen on a Thanksgiving table! We laughed and shared thankful memories overdinner. We played some games and made some friendship bracelets (I mean, whynot?!). They loved every second of it! As leaders, we loved seeing so manygirls from different grades, different schools, and different friend groups alltogether for one thing, sharing a meal and making memories.

Just recently I heard from a student, who is now in college,about her memories from high school. She shared that Friendsgiving was one ofthe top five highlights of high school for her! Who would have thought? Just some food and some quality time wasall it took—nothing elaborate, nothing expensive.

The longer I’m around girls and girls ministry and studentministry, the more I am seeing that it is the little, unplanned things thatmatter the most: a few words of encouragement; that one girl who signed up forthe trip who you thought never would; that couple that gave a financial gift soa student could be fully funded; the phone calls and text messages, sometimesdays, weeks, and years later that affirm God’s hand on what we are doing.

Sometimes we don’t know the impact or the meaning of themoments we make and share with our girls. By faith, we believe that God isusing all of our efforts to glorify Him and to bring girls to know and love Himmore. What a joy and what a gift it is to hear and to see proof that theyactually are!

Friendsgiving is on the calendar again this year for ourgirl’s ministry—this time with a bit more thought and preparation for myplanning heart. I love being able to make a space for girls to show up, feelincluded, share a meal, and give thanks. But, even with the time to plan and prepare,I’m most looking forward to the unplanned parts: the girls that come eventhough I didn’t think they would; the friendships that form that I never wouldhave assumed; the conversations that go deeper than the surface. Most of all, I’mlooking forward to the reminder that Godis always moving and at work even if I don’t see it, and it’s best if I get outof the way to let Him do just that.


Melonie Wagner has the joy of serving full time on staff as the Student Ministry Associate at First Baptist Mt. Juliet in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Her passion is to see girls come to know and love Jesus Christ through the local church. As a born and raised Tennessean, Melonie enjoys all things outdoors, the coziness of a good book, and quality time with her people. Connect with Melonie: Instagram