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Moments that Matter

A Note from Lifeway Girls: Why does your consistency and faithfulness matter? Check out Anna’s story and be reminded of the valuable role you play in the lives of your girls.

All of my life I have craved community and consistency. Not just from girls my own age, but even with the older women in my life. When I was in high school, I was very active in our church’s student ministry and throughout that time and season of life, I encountered many strong small group leaders and women who just truly loved the Lord. 

When I was sophomore in high school, our student pastors decided to put me in a different small group than my friend group in an attempt to “spread the love” and allow me to meet new girls my age and lead them towards Jesus. To say the least, I was not a fan. I was angry that they had taken me away from my small group and jealous of the leader that my other friends had. 

One Sunday morning, I was sitting at my small group table alone, and I decided I couldn’t sit alone anymore so I joined the group with my friends against our student pastors wishes (not recommending this, just a part of my story.) When I rebelled against our student pastor, I never knew it would create the most meaningful and influential relationships of my life. 

Our small group leader that year was a gift. She was the picture of Jesus to me. She gave to those who had nothing, she served any and every time she was available, she loved no matter the cost, and she stepped into our lives in a way that no leader ever had before. She was more consistent than some of our own parents. She showed up to every musical, play, concert, football game, softball game, awards ceremony. Anywhere she knew we would be, she was there.

She walked our group through the last three years of high school so faithfully. She celebrated every birthday with a cookie cake with our name on it, and every Sunday morning we had a feast for breakfast. Even if she wouldn’t be at church that Sunday, she would arrange for someone else to make sure we were taken care of. 

From the time we were sophomores until we walked the stage, she was there. Not only was she consistent and faithful, but she called us to the hard things. She didn’t want the simple “Christian answers” so she didn’t ask any easy questions. She wanted to know our lives, and because of how truly and deeply she loved us, we let her in and never wanted her to leave.

But she hasn’t left. She has stayed and loved us. I’ve been graduated from high school for four years now, and she has celebrated major life moments with me just the same as she did back then. She is the first to write encouragement on my Facebook posts and ask how I am doing. When I think of someone who has impacted me and pointed me back to Jesus, she is who I think of, and she is who I want to be to girls as they are walking through life.

She has taught me so much and is so consistent. I hope these are some attributes that I continue to carry today because of the way she loves me.


Anna Freeman is a Nashville native and is currently in her first year of graduate school at Liberty University working toward her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has a heart for ministry and loves serving the local church. Anna is super passionate about loving, encouraging, and listening to people. She is the most happy with a chai tea latte and a book in hand!Connect with Anna: Instagram // Blog