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Girls Ministry Basics

Girls Ministry Basics: Why Does Girls Ministry Matter?

If you’re reading this, you probably know the answer to this question, or else you wouldn’t be reading a Girls Ministry blog. Here’s your job today – share it with the Student Pastor at your church. I want to help champion what you feel like God has called you to do, and I’m guessing that some of you feel stuck in trying to explain Girls Ministry and your calling, so I’m hoping today’s post will be helpful.

Hey Student Pastors!

Has Girls Ministry ever seemed elusive or hard to wrap your mind around? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s the deal – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a program, a person, and a line item in your budget. Let’s look at Girls Ministry a different way with these questions: How are you ministering to the teen girls in your student ministry? Why does gender specific ministry matter?

Girls Ministry matters because teen girls matter to God, and they need to learn and understand what it looks like to be a godly young woman from other women. Don’t get me wrong – they need you. They need godly men who invest in them, encourage them, and teach them about Jesus. They also need some female influences in their lives, so I’m asking you to make it a priority to equip some women to lead. For some of you, your wife loves working with teen girls, and she’s a great fit, but maybe she feels called to serve in another area in your church. If this is the case, what woman sent you this blog post? Who are the women already leading or who have expressed interest in leading when it comes to the girls in your ministry? She very well could be the one God is raising up to come alongside and help you lead the teen girls in your church.

What are the benefits to investing in the girls in your student ministry?

How could girls ministry grow what God is already doing among your students?

What do you have to lose?

My prayer is that you wouldn’t just give girls the opportunity to grow together, but you would do the same thing for guys. Gender specific ministry can be really beneficial (for more than just a purity talk) for guys and girls to ask questions that they may not ask in front of each other, and to hear more personal experiences from those a little older than them. How can you weave it into the direction you’re already headed as a ministry, rather than seeing it as an aside to what’s already going on?

If I can ever be a resource for you, or help train and equip the women in your student ministry, I hope you’ll reach out. You can find all of my contact info on the “About” page of the blog. If you’ve got women at your church ready to teach and disciple girls, prayerfully give them the chance to walk out the calling God has placed on their lives. We’re all in this together and for the same end goal – that students would know and follow Christ, and that they would walk it out beyond high school into adulthood as mature believers.