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Bible Study, Discipleship, Girls Ministry Basics

Girls Ministry Basics: Leading a Bible Study

Hey Friends! It’s been a minute since we’ve had a Girls Ministry Basics post, but this is something I get asked about all the time. I took a poll on our Instagram and Facebook accounts and today I’m sharing your ideas! We’re also including some fun downloads at the bottom. They’re poster-size quotes and scripture verses that you can print and use!

  • Always have snacks. Be prepared to listen more than anything.

  • Focus on spiritual needs more than materialistic wants!

  • Listen more than you talk.

  • Be prepared!

  • Keep it simple!!

  • Have an idea of where you want it to go but be flexible! Let the spirit lead!

  • Set high expectations and standards when dealing with hard truth/theology/Scripture, but don’t expect students to respond until they are convinced you care for them.

  • Take notes! It helps you to keep track of what’s going on in the story!

  • Be ready for awkward silences! Leave time for the girls to answer when you ask a question even if it’s for an awkward amount of time. Some girls just need more time to process before they share.

  • Don’t go in with a set time limit of only studying the Bible. Girls take awhile to open up and do best when they’re given time to just talk about life first. It may seem like “wasting” time, but that builds the relationships to where the girls will be waaaay more willing to open up during the study.

  • Be yourself and let the Holy Spirit do the conviction!

  • Humility and prayer.

  • Comfortable space and snacks!

  • It’s not a lecture where we, as the leaders talk “at” our girls. It’s a discussion and conversation for them to engage with, talk through the scriptures and talk about what God is teaching them through His word.

  • Lead, not lecture.

What else would you add? Leave a comment below!

Here are the fun poster downloads! (These print out in 11×17 format.)