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Girls Ministry Basics

Girls Ministry Basics: Engaging Women to Lead

I’m really excited about this new series “Girls Ministry Basics!” Every few weeks, I’ll cover a new topic and we’ll categorize them together so they’re easy to find. (Did you know you can search the blog by category? Go back to the homepage and you’ll see the pull-down menu on the right!)

On a regular basis, I receive emails through the blog, Instagram messages, and phone calls about the basics of girls ministry. Some of you are in churches where you have an official girls ministry, and others of you are in churches where you’re doing it in a more organic way. I hope that these posts are helpful to you wherever you’re serving! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and let me know what other topics you want to hear about. All of my contact information is on the “About” page here on the blog.

Let’s talk today about engaging women to lead. As women, we like to be together, and we have a lot of influence over each other. If you’re anything like me, when I get invited to a women’s event, a Bible study, or anything else with a bunch of other women, my first question is, “Who else is going?” I want to know what I can expect and who else is going to be there.

Serving in Student Ministry can often be intimidating, and women just need to see that they won’t be alone and that someone can help them along the way.

Here are a few ways to begin engaging other women in Girls Ministry:

  1. Pray that God would raise up women who feel called to serve.

  2. Be prepared with ways to plug them into ministry. It’s easy to say that we need more help, but then not know what to do with them once they show up. Make a list of ways you can use some help and how much time it needs each week or month so they know what to expect.

  3. Make the needs visible. Whether you put it in your church bulletin, share in a facebook group, or talk about it in front of moms and other church members, let people know where the needs are.

  4. Put together a team of women. Don’t go at girls ministry alone! Ask other women to help you plan and prepare for Bible studies, small groups, and events. Find out what their talents and spiritual gifts are, and utilize them!

  5. Cast vision and see what God does. Share your vision for girls ministry with other women in your church, and remind them that they were once teenage girls and they have what it takes.

We aren’t called to do ministry alone, so even if it takes longer than you want it to, pray that God would raise up other women willing to invest in the next generation. We’re all in this together, so let’s encourage each other as we walk out what God has called us to do.