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Free Resource — Conversation Cards

I’m just going to say something we’re all thinking: connecting with girls can be so hard. Does anyone else have trouble figuring out what is really going on in a girl’s mind? Do you find yourself at a loss on what to ask other than “How was school today?” or “How are you?”

As a parent or ministry worker, there are so many things you have to fight against in order to get your girl’s attention. By the end of a conversation, you feel absolutely blessed if there’s one, single thing they remember. (Doubly so if it’s a spiritual truth!) 

Lifeway Girls wants to provide you with a resource to connect intentionally and deeply with your girls. Use these cards for a game night or keep them on hand for a quick conversation starter at the dinner table or at life group. The key? Honesty. Remember that when you as an adult answer the questions honestly, that creates a safe, open space that encourages your girls to be honest with you, too. 

Some questions are meant to be introspective, some are meant to be encouraging, but all of them will be useful in helping you connect with your girls. So print the cards, grab some snacks, and start getting to know each other! You won’t regret it. 

Click here for your FREE Conversation Cards!

Alyssa Lewis is a Nashville area native, enneagram enthusiast (super basic, she knows), and huge advocate of mental health. She has been serving in girls ministry for several years and it is her heart’s desire to work with young women in a vocational ministry capacity in the future. She is passionate about seeing young women grow from a basic knowledge of the Lord to a genuine love for Him and active pursuit of relationship with Him. Alyssa loves any time spent with friends, singing at the top of her lungs, and eating ice cream—preferably Jeni’s. Connect with Alyssa: Instagram