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Free Download: A Letter to Myself Template

What would you say to you right now?

What do you need to be reminded of?

What do you want to remember?

If I could write a letter to myself, it would probably look something like…

Dear Me,

I wish you knew how much God truly loves you. I wish before you went to church, and told people about Jesus, that you spent time meditating on God’s Word. I wish before you poured your everything into those around you, that you would sit still in the presence of the Lord and listen for His voice. I wish you knew that you are more valuable than the things you do. I wish you knew that you are more than where you serve. I wish you knew that resting is not a sign of defeat. I wish you knew before you pour out and foster growth in others, your cup has to be full first. I wish you remembered the beautiful truth and mystery of learning about Christ for the first time. I wish that you would go back to beautiful peace you felt when you first learned the truth of the gospel. You are saved by grace through faith, not by works so that no one may boast. I wish you would take the time to stop, breathe, and see God in every little, yet miraculous thing.



We are about to end January, but I feel like many of us are still processing 2021. One of my favorite ways to process where I’ve been and were I want to go is to write it out. Lifeway Girls created a super easy template for you to download and print to help you get started. We recommend using this for yourself, but also take advantage of the resource and hand it out to your teen girls. Collect them after the girls finish, then give it to them at the beginning of next year to see all that God did. Click the button below to get started!

A Letter to Myself

Jillian Deaton has a passion for showing people the love of Christ through speaking, writing, and everyday life. She is the wife to second lieutenant Jaxson Deaton. Jillian is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. She is the author of Powerfully WeakThis is WhyThe Four Seasons of Hope, as well as the co-author of A Bigger Purpose. She is passionate about sharing God’s Word with students and women of all ages! She believes no matter who you are or where you’ve been the Word of God is relevant to your life as you strive to live with authentic faith in Christ. Connect with JillianInstagram