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Bible Study

Featured Study: City of Lions

This month we wanted to chat a little bit about City of Lions, a seven-session study on Daniel that was written by Amy Byrd. This is probably the time of year when you’re thinking about a spring Bible study, and we think City of Lions is a great one to add to your list for consideration!

What is the study about?

City of Lions covers the first six chapters of the Book of Daniel. From the pressure to compromise his faith to the threats and temptations of living in a culture hostile to his religious beliefs, Daniel battled many of the same pressures we face today. This Bible study will seek to teach girls how they can live with the same faith and integrity Daniel demonstrated in the midst of opposition.

We live in a world of much. A world of more. A world of me, me, me. Every day we are bombarded with voices telling us how to look great, get smart, make more, and be the best at what we do. Before our eyes are magazines and TV shows with celebrities’ lives featured and celebrated because of the money in their bank accounts, their dress sizes, or the number of followers they have on social media.

Think about it for a minute. Step outside of what you know to be normal and really consider the world around you. What images come to mind when you think about our culture? What do you consider to be the theme of life in general? What is our focus? Our priority?

In what ways does culture shape your life?

That question sounds kind of big, but really, what do you do simply because you have seen celebrities or people in magazines doing it? What do you wear because you’ve seen “everyone at school” wearing it? (I’ll tell you a funny story about that later.)

Whether we notice it or not, culture shapes us! It influences everyone in one way or another. And it may be shaping us in some ugly and dark ways that we don’t see. Pride grows deep in us like ivy. Selfishness and sin abound. We run ourselves ragged trying to keep up with the latest trends and be “in” enough so that we don’t look odd. And here we find ourselves. You and me. Smack-dab in the middle of a world that influences us every day, and most of the time we don’t even notice.

You need to know that I am a normal gal. My “fancy” days often hit their peak with some sassy shoes, a quiet trip to Target, and a Diet Coke the size of my face. I usually only wear my crown on Thursdays—but that kind of depends on the weather. Are you paying attention? No crown ‘round here. Just lots of bobby pins and dry shampoo.

I’m going to be honest and let you know that keeping up with our world overwhelms me. From politics to pumpkin protein smoothies, I can never seem to fully grasp the most up-to-date information or keep up with the latest trends. It isn’t that I don’t like Twitter or know how to work Instagram, it’s more that I have learned over time that there is no point in trying to keep up. There is no value in the chase of being in the now—because by the time I catch up to the now I am late. No amount of blonde balayage or likes on my posts are ever going to satisfy me, because I cannot be satisfied by the things of the world. I was made for a different place—a place so different from our culture. It is perfect and holy and forever, while our culture is broken, vulgar, and temporary. And yet here the Lord has placed me. And you.

This seems like the proper time to introduce you to the book of the Bible we are setting up camp in for the next seven weeks. The Book of Daniel. A true story of a young man and his companions who were taken far from home and placed in the middle of a flashy culture, filled with sin. Want to read more? Click here to download the first chapter!

What do I need to get started?

City of Lions resources are available in print or digitally–choose whichever fits your ministry model best! It’s recommended to start with a Leader Kit and then purchase a Student Book for each girl who is participating.

The Leader Kit contains the weekly videos and promotional material, and one Student Book for the leader’s reference.

The Student Book contains material for girls to follow along during each lesson, and also contains six weeks of homework/devotional content for girls to complete throughout the study.

Ready to dive in? You can find all of these resources at


Author Amy Byrd has a desire to make much of Jesus and loves all things student ministry. She has the joy of serving as the Director of Girls Ministry at Hunter Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Amy is also the author of Worthy Vessel and co-author of Dwell. Her ultimate desire is to see girls know their worth as daughters of the Most High and know Him as their Savior. She’s the mom of three handsome little boys–Timothy, Joshua, and Benjamin–and the wife of a hard-working husband. She loves working in her garden and eating chips and salsa. You can connect with Amy on Instagram @amy_byrd.