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Enhancing Your Time with Jesus (Part 3: Girls who Plan)

A Note from Mary Margaret West: This is part three in our series Enhancing Your Time with Jesus. Our goal is to give you some tools to help specific groups of girls in your life, based on their interests and gifts. We hope that these posts are helpful to you!

The first two posts of this series gave ideas for Girls who Write and Girls who Perform.

Girls Who Plan

Each girl is a unique, beautiful mixture of thinking and creativity; in some girls, one shines more brightly than the other. Today’s post is geared toward the girls whose minds take center stage. They are the girls who dream of being engineers, doctors, teachers, architects, and the like. As you point them to the word of God, you can see the figurative wheels turning behind their eyes. Sometimes these girls are the leaders and the planners; other times they struggle to find their place with other, less-pondering girls. Girls who Plan often find more camaraderie with guys whose left-brain tendencies are more obvious.

Girls who plan are sometimes also the Girls who Write and Girls who perform; their ability to organize and plan overlap creatively with their words and talents.

Identify your Girls who Plan by asking:

  • Who has a planner and keeps it with her all the time?

  • Who actually enjoys school, studying, and most learning?

  • Who has the next year, five years, or 20 years planned out?

  • Who has trouble sleeping at night because she’s thinking without even trying?

  • Who has confidence she can handle planning a big event for a group?

  • Who dreams of thinking deep thoughts and using your ideas to help mankind?

Girls who Plan are geared toward learning, applying, and pondering; encourage them to use these tendencies to seek the Lord:

Make lists. In your Bible or Journal, make lists as you see recurring items in Scripture. These might include names of God, descriptions of God, miracles of Jesus, and women of the Bible. Organize the truths of God’s Word in a way that you can see clearly and remember.

Accept your limitations. Girls who Plan sometimes struggle to yield to God’s sovereignty and show grace to themselves. Be intentional in confessing your sins daily and admitting easily that you depend on God for wisdom, strength, purpose, and vision. Choose to see yourself as His child and His sheep. On top of that, devote time to hearing God speak and pouring out your heart to Him. You’re driven and determined, but you still need the peace and presence of the Lord daily.

Pour yourself into apologetics. Christian apologetics is the scientific art of defending Christianity. Using archaeology, philosophy, geology, biology, and many other fields of study, apologists point out Jesus to those who do not believe in Him. There are many great Apologetics Bibles as well as books by well-known faith-defending believers. Dig into the writings of C.S. Lewis and the teachings of Louie Giglio to get started.

Speak truth. Girls who Plan have the ability to process large amounts of information and deliver it to others. This is useful in school and your field of study, but more important is to be able to do it with God’s Word. Spend your daily Bible Study time seeking truth and asking God to show you someone who needs to hear it.

Seek God in science. There are many in the STEM fields who would teach you that God and science are “either-or,” but that’s simply not true. Those who seek Him find Him, whether in math or science or computing or design. God is the master of organization, from the far-flung galaxies to the microscopic makeup of cells. Find His fingerprint in all you study and praise Him every chance you get.

Trust His plan. You might find pushback from people who would tell you that you’re seeking a life that’s better suited to men or who discourage you from living out your dream. God seeks a heart—and a mind!—that is fully tuned to Him, and He will be glorified. Devote your heart and soul to Him, trusting that He made you and will provide the opportunity to live it out.

Tune your study skills to the Bible. Girls who Plan are geared toward inductive Bible studies, learning Greek and Hebrew root words, and memorizing large chunks of Scripture. Dare them to do it. They may thrive under the mentorship of a Woman who Plans, or perhaps they would enjoy getting involved in an in-depth Women’s Bible study. Help these girls dig deeply with mature women that love the Lord.

Your Girls who Plan have the potential to change the world. Open their eyes and ears to the overwhelming, indescribable, mind-blowing power of God’s Word and help them learn to use it in a mighty way.

Leslie Hudson is a Renaissance woman, coffee roaster/connoisseur/addict, volunteer Girls Ministry leader, and teacher of God’s Word.

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