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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It’s one of the sweetest times of the year that we get to spend with our teen girls. We hope that you will cherish every moment you have and that this will be a year to remember.

You might be wondering what an easy, yet meaningful gift for your teen girl might look like? Below you will find eight ideas that offer a wide variety of options that we think your girls will love. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Coffee & Bible Study

Put a gift card to their favorite coffee spot and a note to invite them to do a Bible study with you! If you are a mom, make sure you check out the women’s Bible studies that accompany the teen girl’s version. Pick your next Bible study here.

Here are some of the new ones that came out this year!

Gift a Devo

Did you know we have SO many 30-day devos that are only $5.99 a piece?? This is a simple gift to give your teen girls, especially if you have a small group of them! Make it even more special by adding their favorite candy or a fun mug, as well as a handwritten note from you. See them all at

12 Devos of Christmas

If you want to equip your teen girl to spend time with the Lord all year long, consider buying her 12 devos for each month. You might not even need to give them all at once, so feel free to surprise her throughout the year. They are all available at

Journal & Bible Study

She might be ready to do a Bible study on her own, so help get her to go deeper by providing the Bible study, a journal, and the videos (if needed). Studies like the ones we below have buy/rent options for cheap video downloads.

A New Bible

It’s always so meaningful to gift a Bible to a girl in her teen years. Most likely this is one she’d carry for the rest of her life! Check out some of the beautiful options that your girls will love.

Plan a Trip!

Need a girls weekend away? Purchase tickets for you and your teen girl(s) to experience Girls Wknd! Can’t travel? Plan a special weekend at home and purchase access to the Girls Wknd. simulcast.

A Gift for Friends

Know a couple of girls that would be great accountability partners or looking to go deeper? Gift them a copy of Foundations: Old Testament or New Testament and encourage them to spend the next year growing together in their faith. Take a step further and offer to be their discipleship group leader. Check them out at

Let Them Pick!

Not sure what Bible study or Bible they’d like? Let them pick it by giving a gift card! There’s something about a girl owning what she chooses that encourages her to take it seriously and cherish it more. Shop for gift cards here.