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Choosing the Perfect Bible Study

One of the most frequent questions we receive from leaders is about how to choose a Bible study for their certain group of girls. With so many different options out there, we completely understand that it’s often overwhelming to know which one will work best. Maybe your girls are new in their faith, or maybe they don’t do well with multiple days of homework, and maybe you’re meeting in a coffee shop and need lessons without videos!

We have created a guide to assist you in easily making the BEST choice when it comes to choosing your next Bible study. The guide is linked at the bottom of this post, but before you do that, here are six questions you need to ask:

Do my girls need a topical study or expository study?

When choosing a study, a great place to start is deciding whether or not you’d like a topical or expository study. A topical study will use Scripture to guide your girls through a particular topic and an expository study will walk your girls through a passage of Scripture (or a whole book!) verse by verse.

Are my girls new in their faith?

Throughout the guide, we have marked several studies with an asterisk (*). This will help you know which ones may be good for girls who are new Christians and who are new to church or a Bible study setting. A study on the Reformation may be a little over their heads!

Do I want videos to go along with the sessions?

Depending on where your group is meeting, you may or may not want videos to use in your group time. For instance, if you are meeting at a coffee shop each week, it is very unlikely that a DVD player will be available for you to use. You may also be at a place that has complete video capability, but your girls like more of the discussion group times versus having a video teaching that takes up 10-30 minutes of your group.

Will my girls enjoy doing the personal study days?

Personal study days (or homework) is a such an important piece to having a Bible study. This gives your girls a chance to take what they learned in their group time together and apply it in their personal life throughout the week. However, some girls may be more willing to complete the personal study days than others.

As you read through the guide, you will see the number of personal study days next to each Bible study. For your sixth graders who have never done a Bible study before, it may be wiser to choose something with only 2-3 days of homework. However, your high school students may be begging for more!

How long do I want this study to last?

This may seem like a silly question, but every Bible study requires some planning. Our Bible studies range from 6-13 sessions in length. You may meet once a week or twice a month, but you will need to know when you are starting and ending before you choose which study you’d like to do. If you’re only meeting every other week, a 13 session study will take you 26 weeks to complete! The session numbers for each study is listed on the guide to make your planning easy.

Am I looking for a Bible study that is formatted as a devotional?

Finally, some of our Bible studies are formatted more like devotionals. These devotionals are great resources for discipleship groups, where girls can get together and share what they’ve been learning about in their time with the Lord throughout the week. The devotionals are on the guide in the same chart as the expository studies.

Once you’ve answered these six questions, you are ready to check out “The Guide to Your Next Bible Study!” We can’t wait to hear which Bible study you choose next!