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Can You Still Have Fun With Your Girls This Christmas?

Even in 2020, the answer to that question is… ABSOLUTELY!I don’t know if you are like me but I cannot believe that the holiday season has officially arrived. With Covid-19 things are a little more tricky this year. However, I do believe that we still have a sweet opportunity to create some holiday memories and foster community with the girls we get to serve. I have four fun, easy ideas that I want to share with you.

Pen Pal Cheer

What you will need: Stationary and stamps How it works: You will send out a letter of encouragement to each of your girls. Inside of their envelopes will also be a stamped and addressed envelope with a blank card for each of them to send out their own “cheer”. You could pick church staff, a shut-in, a small group leader, or anyone who may need encouragement.

Christmas Cookie Swap

What you will need: Zipper storage bags, hot chocolate supplies.How it works: This is a little more difficult being that we are all trying to be cautious with the things we come in contact with but I think this could still be a fun exchange. Each girl would bring their own bag of store bought cookies to swap. Either you or another leader can display the cookies and serve them. Have the girls talk about the cookies they brought and what they like about the cookies they brought. Prepare a small devotion to share about being unique. You can have freezer zipper storage bags available for the girls to go through to get a few of the cookies. (A leader can distribute with gloves). Maybe add some hot chocolate and use that time to pray for the upcoming holiday season.

Sock It To You

What you will need: Fun socks (one pair per girl—personally Target is my favorite for fun socks), candy, note paper 

How it works: Fill each sock with candy and a fun note (and maybe a bible verse about joy).  Choose a date to either drop them off at their homes or have them pick up at the church on a day you are planning to meet.  It’s simple, yet a special way to point them to the Joy of Christ. 

Ornament of Hope Making 

What you will need: Clear ornaments (Walmart sells a box of 24 for less than $10), Tinsel, Note Paper, Color pensHow it works: Have each girl write a note about all that they experienced in 2020 whether it was good or bad. Then cut it up in strips and add some tinsel to put it inside the ornament. Take time to pray together for what’s to come and use that time to also talk about the growth they have seen in their walks with Jesus.

I know that this holiday season is going to be different and yet I believe we can still bring so much joy and the hope of Jesus to our girls simply by being intentional. Whether in person, or receiving something in the mail, they will feel some type of normalcy and the love of Christ.

Keep going, friend. You are making a difference.


Holly Myers is a passionate, energetic, and relatable woman that strives to minister specifically to girls and women. When Holly surrendered to God’s grace, her past ultimately drew her closer to her Creator and allowed her to experience freedom. Because Christ set Holly free from the bondage she was in, she recognized a calling to speak to other girls and women that may share her same story. Holly is passionate about seeing freedom in the lives of every girl and woman. Connect with Holly: Instagram // Website