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Bible Study

Better Than Life, Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Better Than Life online Bible study! We’re beyond excited to study with you over the next nine weeks, and our prayer is that by the end, you and your girls will know HOW to study the Bible and LIKE IT!

Here’s how this will work:

  • Each week, watch the video with Caroline Saunders. The Watch section on page 12 in the Bible study book can be used to help you and your girls follow along.

  • Once you or your group watches the video, use the Discuss section located on pages 13-17 to take it even further.

  • Share in the comments below one thing that stood out to you or your group about this week’s video and the COIA recipe.

  • After your group discussion, you or your girls will have all week to finish the personal study assignment. We will list the assignment below the video to make it easy.

  • This online study is nine weeks long and is available to those studying together or going solo. The next session video will be available Thursday, March 25.

A note about the Bible study videos: We are giving you the complete video content for the Better Than Life online Bible study! We will leave all the videos up until June 3, 2021, allowing some breathing room for those who join in late or miss a couple of weeks.

Before next week, complete the personal study of Session 1: The Recipe: COIA (pages 18-25) in your Bible study book. We’ll see you next time!