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Christmas, Giving, Ideas

4 Thrifty & Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Girls

I love getting creative and thrifty for Christmas! Below are some ideas that may spark other gift ideas in your mind and maybe even inspire you to get crafty on a budget! I have included various options depending on the number of girls you are giving gifts to. Aside from the below ideas, I recommend stopping by your local thrift store for some cool finds. If there is a “Total Liquidators” or Habitat for Humanity Restore near you, you can even find surplus merchandise from Target!

1. Custom Frame Keychain

Using Option A, I made these for a group of my friends! I found a label PDF from Avery and printed pictures to fit the frame. On the back of the pictures I wrote a different scripture for each friend.Option A: Custom Acrylic Frame Keychain | $10.99 for 30 framesOption B: Printed Photo Keychain | $4.50 for 1 keychain

2. Bracelets

So many options here! Young ladies love a cute bracelet—especially one that reminds them of truth wherever they are! I personally used Option B as a gift for my bridesmaids! I had a bracelet customized with one word of encouragement for each of them. Option A: “He Would Love First” Elastic Bracelets | $15 for 4 braceletsOption B: Personalized Bracelet | $14.24 for 1 bracelet

3. Letter Boards

What better way to encourage ladies to memorize scripture!Option A: Bulk Colorful Letter Boards | $4.97 for 36 boardsOption B: Black Felt Letter Board | $4.99 for 1 board

4. Canvas Paint Kit

The options below will need to be divided up or you can buy multiple solo kits!Option A: Canvas + Easels | $20 for 10pack + Paint Brushes | $10 for 18 brushes + Paint | $24 for 15 pieces of paint = Total $54Option B: Your choice Paint Kit | 1 for $6.99


Natalie Profetto works as a Project Manager at String Theory Charter School in Philadelphia. She gets the privilege of organizing creative experiences for High School Students. At The Block Church, she oversees small groups across all locations. Natalie believes wholeheartedly that whether you work for a church, school, hospital, law firm, etc – all of life is ministry. She was recently married on Nov. 20th, 2021. Her and her husband love food, entertaining, and seeing the world. They are passionate about building God’s church. You can find them serving faithfully every Sunday at their local church. Connect with Natalie: Instagram