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4 Conversations to Have With Your Teen Girl About Prom

For most students, prom is a right of passage. From the movies they see growing up, to the stories that they hear others tell, prom is held in high-esteem as a special, magical night for them and their friends to remember forever. Any parent wants their student to have the best time at prom, to look and feel their very best. However, there is also a stigma around prom that parents can’t ignore, and with all the hype that comes around prom, it’s good to plan to have conversations with your girls. These conversations aren’t meant to be scary lectures about what could possibly happen, but they are meant to communicate standards, expectations, cautions, and empowerment for your teen daughter. 


The conversation about wisdom is overarching. This conversation can empower your daughter to let them know that they are responsible for what they want to happen. From what songs they dance to and who they dance with, to after-prom-decisions, they are responsible for themselves. They are almost adults, and are more in charge of themselves now than ever before. It’s good to remind them that the decisions they make now are shaping who they become as adults. They are in charge of themselves, they make decisions for themselves, and they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do.


For teen girls, this is a huge one. Many times we do and say things not because we necessarily want to, but because we think it will bring us more value or clout amongst our peers. It’s important to remind your sweet girl that she not only represents Jesus, but is so dearly loved by Him too. It doesn’t matter if she has the perfect dress, she has worth. She has worth regardless of whether she goes to prom with the most popular boy, her boyfriend, or if she’s the only person in her group without a date. Dancing, dresses, the title of “Prom Queen,” and boys don’t define who she is and her value—only Jesus can do that. 


Like it or not, your girl has the potential to get into situations she didn’t think would happen. Or maybe she knew it would happen and now she’s regretting it. Either way, let your daughter know she can call you no matter what. This conversation is so important to have, not only for her safety, but for her relationship with you. Whether you want to make a code word so she can say it inconspicuously over the phone so her friends won’t find out, or if you let her know that you’re only a text message away. Let your daughter know that no matter what situation she gets into, she can and should always call you. 


This one may be the most self-explanatory. Sure, some things have the potential to go sideways, but don’t forget that prom is FUN! Make sure to express your excitement and take lots of pictures.


Rachel Fox Frazier has the joy of serving full-time as the Middle School Girls Associate at Sevier Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. She loves spending her days helping students take their next right step in their relationship with Jesus. And she loves to spend her nights writing, planning, and dreaming about ways she can help others do the same! Rachel is recent newlywed and adores her hilarious and Jesus-loving husband. She loves connecting with others of matcha lattes, serving overseas, and everything about student ministry. Connect with Rachel: Instagram // Website